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Monday, October 31, 2005

Book, book, book and.. uh... book.

I did it.
I took the plunge and published a book with
It was so easy, I decided to publish three more books.
There's just no stopping me now. I'm a wildman. I'm reckless. I may just run with scissors! Watch out! is a publish-on-demand book service for self-publishing. What that means is that I don't have to pay a whole bunch of money up front for a ten-thousand-book printing run and then try to sell them someplace. Lulu prints the books as they are ordered. The book doesn't exist until it is sold, thus I don't have to pay for it in advance. You do. Then Lulu pays me some of that.
Formatting the manuscript is the most challenging part and after that it's fairly easy and the final producted is a professionally published book, not some lame homemade-printing-press-in-the-basement, cheap-junk-crap, not-fit-to-wrap-fish, psuedo-book. It's real.
Which is kinda cool.
To start, I have published some plays, but I have plans to diversify with other books.

The Secret Lives of Sketch Artists
Three writers for a sketch comedy television program encounter complications in their working relationships when extra-marital activities are accidentally revealed. The tension starts to affect the content of their sketches, with hilarious results in this three act comedy.

A Parallax Triptych Volume 1
Three one-act plays that peek through the gaps in your reality.
"Spare Parts & Stray Plots" - A writer’s characters come to life and demand the freedom to speak their own minds. Art imitating life imitating art imitating Humphrey Bogart. Except for the fictitious parts, this is the true story of how this play was written.
"Just Another Business Lunch" - God and the Devil meet over lunch for their regular business review and discover several discrepancies in the accounting reports. Things are further complicated when a third party company launches a hostile take over of both of their operations.
"Faster Than A Single Bound" - The Super-Hero members of The Legion of Justice try to cope with new members, identity crises, insurance problems and municipal red tape.

A Parallax Triptych Volume 2
Three one-act plays with strong women in unusual jobs.
urban Femmes Fatales And The Great Sports Bar Caper" - Four housewives amuse themselves by plotting the fictitious robbery of the local sports bar, which they feel has “stolen” their husbands. But it’s all just a game… isn’t it?
"Assassin Over Teakettle" - Corporate assassin, Natalia, is sent on a mission to locate a rival freelance killer. Unexpected twists and turns complicate the task as her target comes within reach.
How does a vacationing small town couple fit into all of this? What is the secret buried in the past of Marty the room service guy? Who is Tireur Embusque?
"Holy Grail!" - A tired old Jewish man trains an atheist neo-punk folk-singer to replace him as the guardian of the Holy Grail.

A Parallax Triptych Volume 3
Three one-act plays from the darker places just outside your reach.
"Eric’s New Job" - After being struck by a car, Eric starts his afterlife career, taking a job as a Deceased Entities Afterlife Transfer Host (D.E.A.T.H.). His training goes relatively smoothly until he must literally confront a ghost from his past.
"Gaewulf" - It’s going to be difficult enough for Mike to tell his pa
rents that he’s gay. Then he discovers that his lover is a werewolf. A beautiful full moon rises just as Mike’s parents arrive.
"Jeremy" - A psychological thriller about an unbalanced window dresser who seeks advice from her mannequins on how to deal with those she views as enemies.

Well, I've done my part. Now it's up to you. Log on to and buy my books. (Kat in the U.K., if you think my blog is fun, wait'll you read my plays. More fun than your marshmallow brain can handle.)

Thanks to Erik for the tip about Lulu.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Photo Caption Challenge V 7.0

BillP, using his clever psuedonym, Busvrgar, has demanded a new photo challenge. (Actually he just demanded a new photo, but the challenge is implied.)
This photo is courtesy of Faeriegirl. (Go thank the Wee One.)
Same rules: Click on "Comments" and post your caption(s) for the photo.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Photo Caption Challenge V6.0

OK, this one is a little more challenging.
But that's why we call it a challenge, isn't it?
Seriously, I've got nothing. It's up to you guys to impress me.
Look at the picture, click on comments, post a funny caption for the picture.
How hard can it be, really?


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