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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Reality Television - My Way

I've got an idea for a new reality TV show. The show is called "The Guy Beside You" and the viewer is also the contestant.

A viewer ("The Primary Contestant") is chosen and placed in front of a television. In the chair beside him is a second contestant ("The Challenger"). The camera is focused on the challenger, whose task is to distract the primary contestant from watching the television. The television is showing live footage of the challenger trying to distract the primary contestant.

The television screen is framed with tiny sensors that constantly scan the primary contestant's eyes. If he looks away from the TV screen, he loses and the challenger becomes the primary contestant.

Anything is permitted for the purposes of "distraction" including assault. The challenger can use whatever props he bring with him, excluding traditional weapons. He must remain in physical contact with his chair at all times or face disqualification.

The primary contestant is armed, but there are only three bullets in his gun.

The challenger is replaced whenever they become incapacitated due to unconsciousness or death, or every ten minutes, whichever come first.

Gilbert Gottfried can be the host, at least until the primary contestant shoots him. Then Carrot Top gets the job.


Blogger Robert said...

Funny... but didn't they have a show along these lines? The contestant sat in a chair and had to answers questions while being rattled etc (I seem to specifically recall fire being used as a too for distraction).

What's really funny is that nowadays, no idea is too outrageous (well, almost no idea).

Thursday, March 16, 2006 12:04:00 p.m.  

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